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My husband has always spoken very highly of JBI Armory having some pieces done for himself.  I came to realize and appreciate the same when my husband used JBI Armory to work on a gift for me.   He had him put together my birth year Romy G which turned out just perfect.  The quality of the workmanship is second to none.  I have become more appreciative of the gift of craftsmanship that JBI Armory holds and look forward to working with them again in the future.  Gun Range Annie from Nebraska 

I have a few rifles built by Jim @ JBI Armory . He has built for me rifles out of general parts kits to full custom rifles. The quality and craftsmanship is top notch.  Jim is a perfectionist at his work and it shows with being one of the very best builders in the nation.

JBI-Armory has built several weapons systems for me which include: 1.     Vector V-53 SBR 2.     Draco C SMR 3.     PAP M92PV SBR Some of these included challenges for Jim that others had told me were not doable. For example the Vector 53 would chamber a cartridge and then not fire. Under the capable hands of JBI-Armory this was resolved and I had the SBR I had dreamed of. Jim has proven able to take my dreams and turn them into reality with a functioning, accurate weapon system. If your desire is for something different or just a kit build I would strongly recommend that you contact JBI-Armory. 


What our customers say

"I have been doing business with JBI Armory for 2 years, I first found Jim's name on a forum while searching Saiga 12 conversions and who was most knowledgeable and did the best work.  Since then I have had JBI do several custom jobs for me from a complete AK74U Krink build (you might even see in one of his website pics posted) to smaller machining jobs...barrel threading, customizing an AK buttstock trunnion etc....  When I ask Jim a question or share an idea about a project I want done he is supportive and gives me the honest feedback I am looking for.  Whether a heavy build or smaller smithing jobs JBI Armory is a place you can trust all of your gun projects to."   Seek quality work you found the right place as I did.....Brian Woods - Lewisville, TX