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We quote all services via our contact form. All quotes are on JBI Armory's company letterhead and delivered to you in a PDF. We send all receipts for advance payments in the same manner. We do not wing it when it comes to your build.

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JBI Armory is a one-stop-shop for all your AK platform builds. We encourage our customers to step into the shop and experience for themselves the satisfaction of building a parts kit into a fully functional semi-automatic 922r compliant AK platform rifle. We use all AK Builder tools and supplies, we do not limit our home builders to the major manufactures of U.S. built receivers we will allow you to form your own flat in to a full functioning receiver then rivet your trunnions in.If working in the shop is not your thing, let JBI do the heavy lifting. Your rifle will be completed in a reasonable turnaround time at a competitive price.

we accept credit cards without a fee. This our cost of doing business, not yours.

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